• Powered by Farm Credit®AgDirect® offers flexible truck payment terms to match your farm's income stream (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly) at 2.99% for up to 6 years, exclusively through your local Ram Agriculture Dealership
  • Exclusive rebates on Michelin & BFGoodrich Tires - from tractors to trucks to toys, over $5000 rebate value available
  • 25% off MSRP on Rhino Ag products PLUS a gift card valued between $100-$200
  • Ram exclusive 5-10% below MAP pricing (lowest price a dealer can advertise), direct from Dixie Chopper on their entire line of commercial mowers
  • $150 prepaid gift card from Viasat with a 2-year satellite internet subscription
  • 1-year free subscription to AgriEdgevalued at $5000
  • $2000 toward AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition PLUS free soil test and one-year consultation with AgroLiquid agronomist
  • $1000 toward a new Reinke irrigation system and $500 toward parts on an existing Reinke system
  • 25% off MSRP on all Gallagher fencing, weighing, and EID products purchased through (excludes water automation systems)
  • Ram exclusive after purchase rebates up to $350 on Eby Truck Bodies & Upfits
  • Ram exclusive after purchase rebates up to $1000 on Eby Stock, Equipment, & Grain trailers

Stack all of these benefits on top of any manufacturer incentives (FCA, Business Link, CNH, etc.)

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The AgPack bundle of farm and ranch tools as Ram's way of helping you realize greater efficiency and profitability.

  1. Visit the dealership.

    1010 34th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51501
  2. Ask for any of these Ag Specialists.
    Jordan KnottJoe Menichetti
  3. Simply verify your ownership of, or in, an agricultural enterprise.

About The Ram Agriculture Dealership Program

There's a difference between Straw and Hay. Thoroughbreds and Drafts. Apples & Oranges.

Unlike some other truck companies, we're not going to try and convince you that Holstein calves come from Longhorn mommas. What we are going to do is fulfill the promise we made to you during a little football game called the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Your Ram Agriculture Dealership is far different than every other truck dealer out there. We know hay is a forage harvested to feed animals. Straw...well everyone should know that's baled using what's left after wheat, oat, rice or rye harvest. It's a great bedding material. We also know what you need as an American farmer or rancher is far different than what other businesses, and families, need. Not just what you need in a new truck, but what you need after the truck's not so new. We're not farmers or ranchers. But we've made the investment to know who you are. To know what's important to you. And when it's important. Because calving season... well... that's whole different deal than asparagus harvest.

But you already knew that. Just wanted you to know we do, too.